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The Wildfire Group, LLC provides F&I products to U.S. dealers for the following markets:

• Automotive
• Commercial
• Recreational Vehicle

The Wildfire Group, LLC is committed to offering value, security and protection to both the vehicle-buying public and the dealerships which offer them. Since 1996, we have strived to provide the best and most innovative products which are backed by Best’s A rated insurance carriers.

Our knowledgeable, courteous and well-trained customer service reps offer real answers to questions in real-time.

The Advantage

This is 2 ½ minutes explaining how The Advantage Repurchase Program works and how to present the program to your clients.

The Advantage F&I Presentation

Our assumption is that during the process of the sale of the vehicle, or when the customer is introduced to the finance manager, a presentation will be made to the customer regarding the purchase of an extended service contract.  How this will be handled will vary by dealership.  At some point the customer will agree to purchase or resist buying the VSC.  Then the presentation of the Advantage can be shown.

The bridge to the showing of the video will depend on how comfortable the finance manager is with the buyer. Perhaps something like the following:

“By the way, at our dealership, we provide our customers a program called The Advantage. Here’s a simple explanation of how it works….

A Lineup of Great Products . . .

We offer several F&I products which can be of great value to dealers and their vehicle-buying customers.

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Total Loss Coverage GAP provides debt cancellation protection on retail installment sales/loan/lease contracts for Automotive, Commercial, and Recreational Vehicle dealers. Gap covers the out of pocket expenses that can occur when a vehicle is declared a total loss by the primary insurance carrier.

The Advantage Vehicle Service Contract Repurchase Program 
provides Automotive dealers with a “money back guarantee” for customers whose service contracts expire by time or mileage and have not been used. The Repurchase Program was designed to assist in the sale of service contracts. It cannot be offered as a stand alone product and has been proven to be most effective when offered to every customer, on both time and cash sales.

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