In any business venture, it is imperative that all parties involved participate in its success. We view all products and services which we offer using this basic tenet.  We have a great 10 year relationship with our insurer AND one in which we understand insurance rates must be high enough for them to enjoy a profit.  Our relationship with our sales associates who are our link to RV dealers is based on that premise. We provide them with superior products and world class administration which enables them to provide their dealer clients with the products and expertise which will protect their customers/consumers and generate profits to their bottom line.

For a good example of if only one participant in the model above fails and the entire endeavor is at risk, look no further than Automotive GAP. Rates which were not based on adequacy but were lowered to buy market share have caused failures of providers, the bankruptcy of at least one insurer, and the disruption of the entire automobile GAP delivery system which continues to this day.

At Wildfire, our product rates are performance driven. Our insurance partner is enjoying underwriting profits.  Our administrative fees provide for an excellent staff of RV experts to insure great service to our independent sales associates.  We also deliver support to RV dealers, their customers, and more than adequate profitability to the dealers’ bottom line.


Our company offers products almost exclusively to the RV Industry, with most ancillary products we offer stemming initially from the requests of our RV producers.

Before taking that position we did extensive research into all aspects of the RV business.  Understanding an industry is the only way a provider can properly develop products and services to the RV dealers who make up the industry’s delivery system.  Our data is constantly updated so that we can respond to industry changes as they occur and evolve.  As a result, our rating categories (rates, benefits, and terms) are based upon how the RV industry is performing and reflect our response to that overall business performance.

Unlike a Chinese menu, Wildfire doesn’t offer everything. If the lowest price is your primary goal, we are not for you.  But if excellent products, world class administrative support, and a solid Best A + insurance rating is what you’re looking for, we can deliver.

Take a look – seeing is believing!


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