Total Loss Coverage (TLC) Gap Program

Don’t Get Caught in the GAP! 

Most consumers mistakenly believe that their collision insurance coverage is total protection in the event of an accident, and especially if their vehicle is declared a total loss. 

Loan/Lease Deficiency Balance Coverage is one of the most important consumer credit protection products available today. 

A lot can happen on the wide open road…and if your vehicle is totaled, you’re responsible. When your vehicle is a total loss, you insurance settlement may not
be enough to pay off what you owe on your vehicle.

Most insurance policies only cover the actual cash or market value of a vehicle. That, plus your deductible, can leave a significant GAP between what your insurer will pay and what you owe. The difference between what your insurance company pays, less your deductible and what you owe is referred to as the “Gap” and can be several thousand dollars and adversely affect your credit.

These are the reasons you need to have Total Loss Coverage to fill the GAP and protect your credit rating and your savings.*

*subject to the terms and conditions of the TLC Gap waiver


• We pay the Gap
• We pay your Deductible (up to $1,000)
• We protect your Credit Rating
• We protect your Savings

For pennies a day, TLC Gap is protection you can’t afford to be without!