Filing a Total Loss Coverage GAP Claim

1. Notification

When a total loss occurs (due to collision or theft), the customer first files a claim with his or her primary insurance company for settlement. Following a settlement with their primary insurance company, the customer may then submit their TLC GAP claim request to the TLC GAP Program Administrator.

Note: All TLC GAP claim information must be submitted within 90 days of the settlement by the insurance carrier.


2. Submission of Claim Request Form & Required Documents 

The customer, dealer, or finance company may file the claim for the customer. The customer (or representative party) completes a TLC GAP claim request form for the customer and submits it, along with all required documents, to the TLC GAP Program Administrator by mail or fax.

The “Required Documents” with descriptions are listed on the TLC Gap Claim Request Form. Due to privacy laws, it is the customer’s responsibility to furnish the required documentation even though another party may be assisting them. If faxed, the copies must be legible when received, otherwise claims processing will be delayed until legible documents are received. 

TLC GAP Claim request forms may be printed from our website. If you would prefer, we would be glad to provide a copy of the form via fax, mail or email.

Click HERE to view or print a TLC GAP Claim Request Form and Required Documents.

Fax to:  334.616.7274
Mail to: TLC GAP Program Administrator, P.O. Box 550, Eufaula, AL 36072
Phone: 1.800.766.0310

3. Processing and Payment of Claim 

Once the claim request and all required documents are received by the TLC GAP Program Administrator, the claim will be processed. Once approved, TLC Gap will forward a check to the lending institution or finance company to be applied to the deficiency balance.

Claim processing takes 30 business days; therefore, claim status cannot be provided before 30 business days.