About Us 

The Wildfire Group, LLC

We have 20 years’ experience in providing products and services to automotive, recreational vehicle, marine, and powersport retailers nationwide:

• Staff and management has over 30 years experience and a comprehensive understanding of the industry.
• Our philosophy is to provide real time response in meeting the needs of dealers, their customers, and our representatives.
• We’re constantly improving our product line and our service to assure that our performance exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Our Products

1. Total Loss Coverage Gap – Loan/Lease Deficiency Balance Coverage

2. The Advantage™ Vehicle Service Contract Repurchase Program
 – The Industry Standard

Our Surety

• All products are insured by A.M. Best “A” rated insurance companies admitted in every state in which they are marketed.

Our Promise

• To provide exceptional products.
• To respond to questions and problems immediately with real people in real time.
• To work with our clients’ customers to provide personal assistance when they need it the most, especially when a total loss occurs.
• Benefits to customers are our most important function – our service to them is second to none in the industry.

About Our Products

We pride ourselves in serving the entire automotive market, especially the customers who buy the vehicles and who are covered by our Total Loss Coverage Gap and Sterling Buy Back Programs.

• GAP – Loan/Lease Deficiency Balance Coverage
In the event a total loss occurs, in many cases, the balancing owed on the collateral will exceed its actual cash value. The primary insurance company’s settlement often is less than the amount owed. Gap coverage pays the deficiency balance and reimburses for up to $1,000 deductible.

• VSC Repurchase Program – The Advantage
When a consumer purchases a new or used vehicle, one of the most valuable protection products is a Vehicle Service Contract which extends mechanical breakdown coverage beyond the term of the factory warranty.

Many consumers reject the offer of service contract coverage because of cost. Price is no longer an issue, because now there is a service contract buy back agreement which provides that if the service contract is not used, the entire amount paid for the service contact becomes available to the customer either at the end of the term of the VSC or when the consumer drives beyond the mileage provided by the VSC.